Throughout Australia, there are association organisations that support the overall operations of the music industry. Many of these associations are provided by the state and assist certain parts of Australia’s music industry and artists.

Music NT

This is one of the most important associations in the Australian music industry. Music NT acts to support the growth and development of original contemporary music in Northern Australia. They are a non-profit organisation with a dedicated focus on helping music grow and develop.


Music is not just about making music and establishing a name in the business for yourself. Many other aspects, such as legal assistance, are necessary. Music artists in Australia can receive the ultimate assistance with legal advice and access to other elements of the music industry.

Music Tasmania

Formerly known as Contemporary Music Services Tasmania, this association in Australian music is the body for Tasmania’s contemporary music community. The body provides support to the local artists. It creates a network of support for the music workers across the broad range of genres in Australian music and provides support for the business side of things.


AMUSE stands for Association of music Educators Inc. The association is open to all music educators and anybody interested in music education. They are affiliated with the Council of Professional Teaching Associations and are supported by the Victorian Department of Education.

The association organises many activities and performances with masterclasses and festivals and even provides independent advice on growing a music career.

Music NSW

Music NSW is a New South Wales dedicated non-profit association set up to represent and develop contemporary music in the music industry of South Wales. They manage a few Music Development projects in New South Wales and help promote some of the events, festivals, and performances unique to the region.

Blues Association of Southeast Queensland

Blues Association of Southeast Queensland is the most dedicated association for the genre of Blues in Australia. With prominent Blues in Australia, assistance is needed in many different industry parts. They commit to providing opportunities for all interested blues artists to participate in their efforts.

These associations are all dedicated to making blues and other music genres stand out and prosper in the music industry of Australia.