Trade associations are crucial to the music industry and for large companies and artists of all calibres and levels of professionalism. No matter where an artist is in their career and how established their name has become or not, eventually, they will have to deal with associations.

These associations assist artists and other career professionals in the music industry in getting further and creating a brighter future in the music industry.

Here we will look at what associations are doing for the music industry and artists.

What is a Music Association

Music Associations are organisations that are sometimes funded by the state. In the music industry, associations are privately owned and act as non-profits. These associations are pivotal in providing forums for members who contribute to the network to share ideas and develop new ways to improve their involvement in the industry.

Most training associations run training and education schemes and conferences, and events that bring awareness to the industry and help musicians and artists in local areas reach a wider audience with assistance from the associations.

Being an artist is not just about making music but also knowing all the legal and business attributes to growing successfully.

Why get involved

Getting involved in local associations can significantly enhance your progression as a musician into the professional realm of the industry. Especially in a genre such as blues which is popular with music fans but not reaching the large news networks, being part of an association can assist with getting a wider audience and musical growth.


An association is there to represent and assist its member’s interests. This is not only for the business side but also for public and government bides tasked with regulating the industry and its laws.

An example of this can be seen with copyright infringement issues that regularly occur in the music industry. Without associations that assist the lesser-known artists and record labels, the problem would grow more severe and get out of hand.

Within music trade associations, many education schemes assist musicians in learning more about the music industry itself. Trade bodies across the board provide training at colleges for qualifications and could give a bright future anywhere in the music industry, whether talent scouting, producing, or performing.

These associations are vital for the industry to stay true to its artistic values and thrive.