Blues has long been part of the exciting image of casinos. Especially travelling through casino cities such as Las Vegas, blues can be heard, seen, and felt everywhere you look. With blues being so crucial in the gambling industry, it’s vital to understand the association between them, whether online or at a ground-based casino.

Looking back into the delta blues scene when gambling became popular in the 1920s, most songs are about gambling or have metaphors describing specific situations and comparing them with gambling.

Most blues artists have had some time during their career where their album covers, songs, music videos, and more were about gambling and all the entertaining aspects of visiting a casino. Listening to a Ray Charles song may teach you more about blackjack than a training book.

The relationship between blues music and gambling - Casinos and The Blues

The relationship between blues music and gambling is quite strong, with no other type of music coming close to the gambling scene. Even the famous ‘viva Las Vegas’ song can be traced back to having roots in blues.

Walk into a Texas casino, and it’s almost certain a slow blues song will be playing in the background. Even throughout Australia, you can find many blues festivals and be sure to hear many songs about gambling.

With the country having a rich history with blues, they have only recently gotten into the online gambling scene and casinos such as PlayAmo casino feature some of the most rewarding games and entertainment you can find.

Casinos and gambling are both entertainment factors that can boost the mood and make people enjoy themselves. That’s why blues and casinos are still working together until this day. Some of the most exciting blues performances are even held at casinos in Australia, showing just how prominent the genre of music still is in the emerging gambling scene in Australia.