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Blues is an ever-growing music genre worldwide and has seen many sub-genres emerging from it, incorporating various styles of music with a blues influence. Due to the wide variety of music genres involved with blues, we release many topics on its different variations and how the genre has changed and gone back to its roots throughout history.

We are dedicated to supplying up to date and reliable information about blues and other genres and their association in Australia with a focus on performance, the music scene, and the artists still showcasing passion, dedication, and extraordinary talent with the blues.

As Australia is home to many music festivals and large-scale concerts, our topics include many of these festivals and what to expect from them. The music festivals found in Australia have long been exploding with the country’s wide variety of celebrated genres.

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Blues are known to be an essential part of Australia’s history in music and still draw many fans of music to the country to explore some of the up and coming blues artists performing at festivals and other venues throughout the country.

To stay up to damage on all the latest upcoming performances in Australia, visit this magazine frequently and read more about who will be performing and what else to expect from the performances.

As the music business works in different ways and there are many associations involved in the fully functioning aspects of the industry, we supply information on all the technical data of how these associations work together.

With a majority of our topics being about the Blues genre, we also release articles on music as a whole and its role in the world today.

Visit Adelaide Roots and Blues Association for more details on the genre of Blues in music and its associations worldwide and in Australia.