Following any of the blogs on this list can provide you with up-to-date information on the music scene in Australia and learn more about various genres. These blogs are all dedicated to the Australian market of music lovers.

The Blues and Roots Music Blog –

Based in Australia, this blues music blog is dedicated to blues and roots music in Australia. They provide up to date info on artists, their albums, historical blues moments, and reviews of artists, performances, and albums. The blog is dedicated to reliable blues and roots music information from the Australian market.

Tone Deaf –

Tone Deaf is a blog that frequently releases articles on music culture and the music industry in Australia. They have a passion for supporting the local music scene and delivering fun and informative insights into the issues that affect music today. The blog is based in Australia and stands as one of the country’s leading local and international music authorities.

Acid Stag –

Acid Stag Blog was established in 2015 and has gathered quite a following since then. The blog is dedicated to sharing the music they love and focuses primarily on musicians and artists that are up and coming in Australia. They love discovering new artists and sharing them with their readers. This is an excellent blog for discovering new bands and artists in Australia and internationally.

Music Industry Inside Out –

Music Industry Inside Out is based in Australia and works on a membership-based magazine. The magazine informs you about all the most important factors to know about in the music industry and how it’s one of the most intriguing and challenging industries to thrive in.

This blog is well established and helps upcoming blues artists to stand out in an industry where a genre might be forgotten by the younger generation.

By following these blogs, you will know about all the upcoming performances and new artists to listen to and how the Australian music industry works. If you feel motivated by these blogs, you can join our team of writers.