This is a magazine about music genres and their associations; we are primarily dedicated to blues and its associations in Australia. We are constantly looking for more writers to write informative articles around the latest insights into the genre of blues and its history in Australia. The associations in the music scene play an essential role in our topics and need to be discussed by all writers interestingly.

Being a writer for Adelaide Roots and Blues Association demands you to have vital knowledge of blues and other music genres and the performers performing and recording throughout Australia.

We strive to provide our readers with crucial, reliable, and honest information to stay up to date on everything about blues music, its performers, performances, and the history of blues worldwide.

Joining our writing team requires all applicants to have writing, spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills. As our audience are both experienced musicians and fans of the genre, articles need to be informative to both audiences and have a particular focus on music in Australia.

Articles need to be informative, factual and about trending subjects in the world of blues. We only consider taking on writers with experience writing about music and should reside in Australia with knowledge of local performers.

To apply as a writer for us, visit our contact page and email us. All applicants will need to supply examples of their work and show proof of experience in writing about music and blues music. Knowledge of national and international blues artists will be crucial for this magazine to accept any writers.

We are looking forward to hearing from all blues lovers and musicians who want to share their passion for the ignore and inform our readers on all the latest insights and news in blues and its history in Australia.

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